1.2. Check of a compression

If the engine works badly or with interruptions, check system of ignition and fuel system. If the reasons of bad operation of the engine did not manage to be found, carry out an inspection of a compression.

Regular conducting this check will allow you to prevent emergence of malfunctions also in advance.


  1. Check the level of engine oil. Make sure that the starter works normally, and the rechargeable battery is completely charged.
  2. Start the engine and warm up it up to the temperature of 80-95 °C.
  3. Switch off the engine and remove tips of high-voltage wires from spark plugs.
  4. Turn out spark plugs.
  5. Turn a bent shaft of the engine.
  1. Screw a tip of a kompressometr in a spark plug opening.
  1. Completely open a butterfly valve.
  2. Starter turn a bent shaft of the engine approximately on 4 turnovers and of a scale of the device define a compression. Compression: 1500 kpa Minimum admissible compression: 1400 kpa.
  3. Repeat steps 6–8 on other cylinders, having convinced that the difference of pressure for each of cylinders is in admissible limits. Admissible difference of pressure in engine cylinders: 100 kpa.
  4. If a compression low in all cylinders, through openings for spark plugs fill in in cylinders on some drops of engine oil and repeat steps 6–9.
    1. If filling of oil lifts a compression, perhaps, piston rings are worn-out.
    2. If the compression remains at the same level, perhaps, valves burned through or laying of a head of cylinders is damaged.
    3. Screw spark plugs and connect to them high-voltage wires. Moment of an inhaling of spark plugs: 20–30 N • m