1.13. Installation of camshafts


  1. Establish pushers and adjusting laying.

Pushers and adjusting laying need to be established on their initial places.

  1. Establish a chain on asterisks of camshafts as it is shown in the drawing.
  1. Before installation apply a thin film of pure engine oil on all surfaces of sliding of camshafts. Install camshafts.
  1. Establish covers of bearings of camshafts. Check the identification tags defining camshafts of inlet or final valves.

Camshaft of inlet valves: I
Camshaft of final valves: Е

  1. Tighten bolts of fastening of covers of bearings the required moment. Inhaling moment: 14–15 N • m.
  1. Oil engine working edges and an external surface of a sealing ring and establish by the special tool 09221-21000 a sealing ring on a forward part of the camshaft.

Establish by blows of the hammer to special adaptation a sealing ring on depth of 8,5 mm from the forward working surface of the camshaft.

  1. Establish a pulley of the camshaft and fix it by a bolt. Inhaling moment: 100–120 N • m.
  1. Combine an adjusting tag of the camshaft and an adjusting tag of a pulley of a bent shaft with indexes, at the same time the piston of the 1st cylinder will be in VMT in a compression step.
  1. Establish a cover of a head of cylinders and tighten bolts of fastening of a cover the required moment. Inhaling moment: 8–10 N • m.
  1. Establish high-voltage wires, coils of ignition and the central cover.
  1. Establish a gear belt and tighten the mechanism of a tension of a gear belt.
  1. Establish casings of a gear belt. Inhaling moment: 8–10 N • m.
  1. Establish a pulley of the water pump and a pulley of a bent shaft.