14.9. Replacement of liquid in the hydraulic drive of the power steering


  1. Lift a forward part of the car and fix on support.
  2. Disconnect a returnable hose from a tank.
  3. Connect an additional hose to a returnable hose and merge liquid in suitable capacity.
  4. Disconnect a high-voltage wire from the ignition coil. Periodically include a starter and at the same time several times turn a steering wheel from an emphasis against the stop to merge all liquid from the hydraulic drive of the amplifier of steering.
  5. Connect a returnable hose to a tank and fix it by a clip.
  6. Fill in the recommended liquid in a tank. Liquid type for the amplifier of steering: PSF–3. Liquid volume: 0,75–0,8 l.
  7. Start the engine. Check lack of leak of liquid from a hose and stop the engine.
  8. Fill in liquid in a tank to the basis of an oil filter.
  9. Pump over the hydraulic drive of the amplifier of steering.