11:24. Adjustment of pressure in the highway (A4AF3)


  1. Merge transmission liquid from the automatic transmission.
  1. Remove the oil pallet.
  1. Remove an oil filter.
  1. Remove the sensor of temperature of transmission liquid.
  1. Press a clamp and extend a sealing ring of the electromagnetic valve.
  1. Remove valve knot, at the same time be careful that it did not fall.
  1. Turn the adjusting screw of the distributor so that pressure in the highway reached the required value. Rotation of the screw clockwise leads to reduction of pressure and, on the contrary, counterclockwise – to increase. Nominal pressure: 860–900 kPa. Change of pressure at turn of the screw upon 1 turn: 38 kPa.
  1. Check that the sealing ring is established on the top part of the case of the valve.
  2. Replace a sealing ring of the electromagnetic valve.
  1. Install the valve case in a case and insert the socket of the electromagnetic valve into a case. Make sure that a gear part of the socket is established as it is shown in the drawing.
  1. Tighten bolts of fastening of the case the moment of an inhaling of 10-12 N • m.
  1. Establish an oil filter.
  1. Establish new laying of the oil pallet and the oil pallet.
  2. Fill in the required amount of transmission liquid in the automatic transmission.
  3. Check pressure in the highway.