11:21. Control lamp of malfunctions (MIL)

The control lamp of MIL lights up with malfunctions in a control system of the engine and automatic transmission. However, the lamp of MIL will not light up after three starts of the engine if the malfunction recorded earlier does not appear any more. After inclusion of ignition (before start of the engine) the control lamp burns constantly that indicates normal work of system of diagnostics of malfunctions.

The control lamp lights up at emergence of malfunctions in the following elements of system:

– sensor of temperature of transmission liquid
– generator of impulses And (PG–A);
– generator of impulses B (PG-B);
– the switching electromagnetic valve A (SCSV–A);
– the switching electromagnetic B (SCSV-B) valve;
– the switching electromagnetic valve C (SCSV-C);
– electromagnetic valve of adjustment of pressure And (PCSV–A);
– electromagnetic valve of adjustment of pressure of B (PCSV-B);
– electromagnetic valve of a damper of coupling (DCCSV);
– switching synchronization;
– ignition impulses;
– sensor of provision of a butterfly valve;
– switch of operating modes of the transmission;
– damage of the line of the hydrotransformer.