5.1.26. Fuel highway and nozzles

Engine of 1,6 l

L engines 1,8 / 2,0



  1. Before separation of fuel-supply lines take off pressure in fuel system as, otherwise, the fuel which is under pressure will intensively follow from fuel system.

Close connection by a towel to exclude the fuel spraying caused by residual pressure in a fuel-supply line.

  1. Remove the fuel highway together with fuel nozzles.
  1. At removal of the fuel highway do not drop fuel nozzles.
  2. At removal of fuel nozzles fuel can follow.



  1. Disconnect the socket from a fuel nozzle and measure resistance between contacts of the socket. Resistance: 15,9± 0,35 Ohms at a temperature of 20 °C.
  1. If the size of resistance differs from the required value, replace a fuel nozzle.



  1. Establish new sealing rings on a nozzle.
  1. Grease sealing rings of nozzles with fuel.
  1. At installation of nozzles turn them around an axis in one and other parties.
  1. Make sure that nozzles are densely inserted into the fuel highway.

If the nozzle is established incorrectly, the sealing ring can be jammed. Remove a nozzle and repeatedly establish it.