5.1.25. Oil valve (OCV)

The mechanism of change of the moment of opening and closing of valves (CVVT) is installed on distributive to a shaft of inlet valves and promotes reduction of emissions of harmful substances with the fulfilled gases and reduces fuel consumption.

The oil valve (OCV) is the main element of the CVVT system. On the basis of a signal from the control unit of the engine the valve provides change of the direction of supply of oil therefore the moment of opening and closing of valves changes.


Rated voltage
12 V
Winding resistance
7,4±0,5 Ohm at a temperature of 20 °C
The operating current
100–1000 mA
Isolation resistance
Not less than 50 megohms
1,0 cm 3/mines under pressure of air 200 kpa

Service conditions

Working liquid
7.5W 30. SJ
Working temperature
– 40 … 130 °C
Range of pressure
0 ~ 1000 kpa
Tension amplitude
10 ~ 16 V