18.8. Generator of the diesel engine

Generator of the diesel engine

1 – stator
2 – rotor
3 – back cover
4 – brush
5 – electronic regulator of tension

6 – rectifier
7 – pulley
8 – forward cover
9 – vacuum pump



  1. Uncover with a pulley.
  1. The special tool remove a pulley.
  1. Turn out three bolts and remove the vacuum pump.
  1. Turn out nuts of fastening of the plug "B" to a back cover, remove the insulator and turn out five bolts of fastening of a back cover.
  1. Turn out four coupling bolts and remove a back cover.
  1. If it is necessary to remove tension regulator, unsolder four wires of the stator from rectifier diodes.
  1. Separate a rotor, the stator and a forward cover.


Before installation connect an oil hose to the generator.

After installation of the generator connect an oil hose to a branch pipe from the oil pallet.

Clamp a collar of fastening of a hose on a direct part of a branch pipe.

After installation of an oil tube do not bend and you do not bring an oil tube into contact with the block of cylinders.