15.9. Replacement of front brake shoes



  1. Turn out lower bolt, lift a support up and fix it by a wire.
  2. Remove brake shoes.

Do not press a brake pedal after removal of brake shoes.

Sequence of removal of front brake shoes

1 – brake hose
2 – support assembled
3 – brake disk



  1. Check brake shoes for lack of wear or pollution by oil and, if necessary, replace them.

Surely replace all blocks on one axis of the car even if only one block is worn-out. If brake shoes are repeatedly established, before removal they need to be marked.

  1. Check overlays of brake shoes for absence of damage.

Thickness of overlays of brake shoes:

Nominal: 11 mm
Minimum admissible: 2,0 mm



  1. Establish clips of brake shoes.
  1. Establish brake shoes on each clip of brake shoes.

Establish a brake shoe with the sensor of wear from the piston.

  1. The special tool 09581-11000 press the piston into the support cylinder.
  1. Establish new brake shoes.

Never you apply lubricant on a brake disk and brake shoes.

  1. Screw a bolt and tighten it the required moment. Inhaling moment: 22–32 N • m.