15:14. Pressure regulator

The regulator of pressure regulates pressure in the drive of brake mechanisms of back wheels depending on load of a back axis of the car. With increase in loading it provides passing of brake fluid to wheel cylinders of back brakes from what pressure in their contour increases and overall performance of back brake mechanisms improves. Do not disassemble pressure regulator.

Check of function of restriction of pressure


  1. Remove pressure regulator from the main brake cylinder.
  2. Connect two manometers, one – on the entrance party and one – on the party of an exit of the regulator of pressure.

After connection of manometers remove air from the brake system.

  1. Press a pedal of a brake and measure entrance and output pressure.

If pressure are in limits of admissible amplitudes, as shown in the drawing, the regulator of pressure is serviceable.

  1. Remove manometers and connect tubes of the brake system in initial situation and remove air from the brake system.

Installation of the regulator of pressure


  1. Install the main brake cylinder.
  1. Tighten connecting nuts of fastening of tubes and remove air from the brake system.

Moment of an inhaling of connecting nuts: 13–17 N • m
Moment of an inhaling of nuts of fastening of the regulator of pressure: 35–55 N • m