15:20. Pumping of hydraulic system of the drive of brakes with use of the scanner

Any hydraulic system works normally if air is removed from it.


  1. Uncover a compensation tank with brake fluid.

When pumping under pressure do not press a brake pedal

The recommended brake fluid: DOT3 or DOT4.

  1. Turn off a cover from the union of pumping and attach to it one end of a transparent hose, and insert other end of a hose into the glass capacity of sufficient volume half filled with brake fluid.
  1. Connect the scanner to the diagnostic socket located under the dashboard.
  1. According to the maintenance instruction of the scanner choose the corresponding parameter.

Consider the maximum working hours of work of ABS during the work with the scanner to exclude burn-out of the electric motor of the pump.

1) Establish hyundai of the producer of the car.

2) Establish the name of the car.
3) Set the mode of check of anti-blocking system of brakes
4) Establish a way of removal of air.

5) Press "YES1" to involve the pump with the electric motor and the electromagnetic valve.

6) Wait 60 with before operation of removal of air as, otherwise, it is possible to damage the electric motor.

  1. Slowly press a brake pedal several times. At the pressed brake pedal a key weaken the union of pumping and wait, brake fluid without vials of air will not begin to come out yet. Tighten the union of pumping and release a brake pedal.
  2. Repeat a step 5 for removal of air from brake mechanisms of other wheels.
  1. Tighten the pumping union. Inhaling moment: 7–9 N • m.