15:13. Replacement of the working brake cylinder


  1. Remove brake shoes.
  2. Disconnect a brake tube.
  1. Turn out bolts and remove the working brake cylinder.
  1. Remove dustproof covers from the working brake cylinder.
  2. Remove the piston.
  1. Get a returnable spring.
  1. Before assembly of the working brake cylinder check a condition of the following details:
    – the cylinder and the piston on lack of wear, damages and a rust;
    – the case of the working brake cylinder on absence of damage and cracks;
    – the contact surface of the piston and brake shoes on lack of wear;
    – the piston on lack of internal porosity.
  2. Assembly is carried out to the sequences, the return dismantling.

  1. Before assembly clear the working brake cylinder isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Before assembly grease with brake fluid the piston and the cylinder.
  3. At assembly it is necessary to use new cuffs and dustproof covers.

Be careful not to lose a steel ball of the drainage valve.