13:16. Diagnostics of wear of tires

Wear of the central part of a protector
Wear of two side parts of a protector

Very high pressure in the tire

Wear of the central part of a protector to a cord because of high pressure in the tire

Low pressure to the vshena Vypuklost on the zakrayena of the tire Bystry wear

Flat spots on a protector
Inflow or ledge on the tire
Unreliable fastening of a patch
Braking with blocking of wheels
The convergence of wheels is broken
In one place several patches are established

Vyryvaniye of pieces of the tire
Wear of one party of a protector
Vyryvaniye of badly established patch as a result of action of centrifugal force
Wrong corner of disorder of forward wheels
Uneven wear of the tire
There is no drawing of a protector
Balancing of wheels is broken, steering transfer, a suspension bracket or the bearing is faulty
The protector is worn-out below an admissible limit