5.2.6. Additional injection of fuel

On some versions of catalytic NOx converters the additional injection of fuel can lead to NOx dogoraniye. It leads to the fact that the main injection of fuel continues during 200 ° after VMT during a working step and a step of release. The additional injection of fuel provides giving of a certain amount of fuel in the fulfilled gases.

Unlike control and main injections injectable fuel does not ignite, and in the form of steam takes away residual heat from the fulfilled gases. During a release step mix of the fulfilled gases and fuel via final valves gets to system of production of the fulfilled gases. A part of fuel through system of recirculation of the fulfilled EGR gases comes back to cylinders for a dogoraniye and brings besides to effect, as control injection of fuel. Catalytic NOx converters use fuel in the fulfilled gases as the actuation mechanism for reduction of maintenance of NOx in the fulfilled gases.

As the additional injection of fuel leads to dissolution of engine oil, such injection has to be approved by the manufacturer of engines.