5.2.22. The fuel pressure sensor in the accumulator of the high pressure (RPS)

The sensor measures the instant pressure of fuel in the accumulator of high pressure and transmits ESM signal.

Fuel under pressure through an opening influences a sensor diaphragm on which the sensor element (the semiconductor device) is established. transforming pressure to an electric signal. Through contacts of the socket both an electric chain the generated and strengthened signal is transmitted by ECU.

Replacement of the sensor


  1. If the output tension of the RPS sensor does not correspond to demanded, replace the sensor.
  2. Replace the sensor taking into account the following requirements.
    1. if the sensor is installed repeatedly, replace the sealing washer made of soft metal;
    2. at removal of consolidation do not damage the condensed surface;
    3. at installation of the sensor apply a little lubricant on a sealing washer;
    4. inhaling moment: 35±2 N • m.