5.2.16. Installation of the fuel pump of high pressure

  • The fuel system works with high pressures (1350 bars).
  • You do not carry out any works on fuel system at the working engine or within 30 seconds after its stop.
  • Always observe precautionary measures.
  • During the work provide absolute purity.


  1. Insert the coupling into the pump.
  2. Apply a thin film of lubricant on a sealing ring and install the fuel pump on a head of cylinders, at the same time turning the pump for gearing of a shaft of the pump with the camshaft.
  3. Apply the blocking structure excluding their spontaneous otvorachivaniye on a carving of bolts of fastening of the fuel pump.
  4. Screw bolts with washers and tighten them the required moment. Inhaling moment: 13–18 N • m.
  1. Install the pipeline of high pressure. Inhaling moment: 18–23 N • m.