5.2.14. Glow plugs

GSK2 glow plug

1 – electric contact
2 – the isolating washer
3 – double laying
4 – contact pin
5 – glow plug cover
6 – isolation of the heater
7 – heater and thread of management
8 – the heated tube
9 – heater

The glow plug represents the protected gas-tight tubular heating element. The element is executed in the form of a tube with a high resistance to corrosion and hot gases and contains the heating element located in magnesium oxide powder.

The element of the heater turns on two connected resistors: a heater spiral in a tip of a tube and thread of management. In view of that the spiral of the heater keeps actually constant electric resistance irrespective of temperature, thread of management is made of material with positive temperature coefficient (PTC).

On glow plugs (GSK2) of new generation resistance of thread of management increases even quicker with temperature increase, than in usual glow plugs of S-RSK. It means that, newer glow plugs of GSK2 quicker (850 °C for 4s) reach temperature for start of the engine. They also work at lower established temperature, at the same time temperature of a glow plug is limited to noncritical level.

Thus, the glow plug of GSK2 can work within three more minutes after start of the engine. This feature of the subsequent heating of the engine improves operation of the engine in phases of warming up and initial movement with the minimum emission of harmful substances in the fulfilled gases and noise.

Temperature chart of a glow plug:

1. S–RSK
2. GSK