4.2. Check of tightness of the cooling system


  1. Uncover a radiator.
  2. Make sure that the level of cooling liquid reaches a bulk mouth.
  3. To install the device for check of a cover of a radiator to a bulk mouth and create pressure in the cooling system. Make sure that pressure in the cooling system remains within 2 min.

Pressure when checking tightness of the cooling system:

Petrol engines: 140 kPa
Diesel engines: 150 kPa
  1. Do not uncover a radiator on the hot engine as the coming-out vapors can lead to severe burns. Close a radiator cover thick rags and slowly turn off a cover before emergence of hissing of the coming-out steam. After the termination of a steam-out slowly turn off, and uncover a radiator.
  2. Make sure that in the checked places there is no moisture.
  3. When the device for check is removed, be careful not to spill cooling liquid from the device.
  4. Be careful at installation and movement of the device and when checking do not injure a bulk mouth of a radiator.
  1. Otherwise define the place of leak and eliminate it.