17.8. Pumping of atmospheric air from air conditioning system

If the contour of air conditioning system was open and atmospheric air got to it, it needs to be pumped out, using the vacuum pump. After installation of a component of air conditioning system, the system has to be pumped out within 15 minutes. The knot which opened for repair and service has to be pumped out within 30 minutes.


  1. The engine has to is switched off.
  2. Connect an inlet tube of manometers to the compressor and close valves of high and low pressure.
  3. Make sure that coolant was removed from air conditioning system.
  4. Connect the central hose of manometers to an entrance of the vacuum pump.
  5. Start the vacuum pump and open valves of high and low pressure.
  6. In 10 minutes depression has to be equal to 94,39 kPa. If the required depression is not reached, in air conditioning system there is a leak which needs to be eliminated in the following порядке:.
    1. Close both valves and stop the vacuum pump;.
    2. Load about 0,4 kg of coolant in air conditioning system;
    3. Check tightness of air conditioning system. Repair any found leak;
    4. Repeatedly discharge air conditioning system and pump out it. If leaks are not found, continue to pump out system.
  1. Start the vacuum pump.
  1. Open both delivery valves before receiving depression of 94,39 kPa.
  2. After the manometer of low pressure shows the depression close to 94,39 kPa continue pumping of 15 minutes.
  1. After pumping within 15 minutes, close delivery valves and stop the vacuum pump. Disconnect a hose from the vacuum pump. Now the system is ready to charging.