2.3. Adjustment of a tension of a gear belt


  1. Check a condition of a poliklinovy belt and its arrangement on pulleys.
  1. Establish a belt on engine pulleys in the following order: Generator pulley => Pulley of the pump of the amplifier of steering => Intermediate pulley => conditioner compressor Pulley => Pulley of a bent shaft
  1. At installation of a belt on pulleys be convinced that it correctly is established in pulley flutes.
  1. Check correctness of an arrangement of edges of a poliklinovy belt in flutes of pulleys.
  2. If during the work poliklinovy the belt publishes extraneous noise, check a belt for lack of wear and damages, and also working surfaces of pulleys.
  1. The tag of the mechanism of a tension has to be between situation "*". Otherwise replace a belt.