8.2. Check of system of preliminary heating

Check conditions

Tension of the rechargeable battery – 12 Century.


  1. Connect the voltmeter to contact and the case of a glow plug.
  1. Include ignition and measure tension given to a spark plug.
  2. Make sure that after inclusion of ignition the control lamp in a combination of devices burns 6 seconds, and voltage about 9 V moves to a glow plug within 36 seconds at a temperature of cooling liquid of 20 °C.

Time of giving of tension to glow plugs changes depending on temperature of cooling liquid

  1. After check on point 3, turn a key in the ignition lock in situation START.
  2. The system functions normally if tension of the rechargeable battery (about 9 V) moves to glow plugs within 6 seconds during start of the engine a starter at a temperature of cooling liquid of 20 °C.
  3. If tension or time of half-giving tension do not correspond to demanded, check contact of giving of tension in the control unit and replace the damaged elements.